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Created: 2018-04-26
Last updated: 2018-04-26

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In Sugester you can save your company data.You can use it later to generate an email footer, to generate a report or a document template. All you have to do is use handlebars. 
Handlebars enable you to create a dynamic header, report or document template. 

The list of handlebars for your company data: 
  • {{company_name}} - company name
  • {{company_street}} - the street on which your company is located 
  • {{company_street_number}} - the building number, where your company is located
  • {{company_locale_number}} - the office number, in which your company is located
  • {{company_city}} - city in which your company is located
  • {{company_postal_code}} - the postal code
  • {{company_tax_no}} - VAT number
  • {{company_regon}} - REGON
  • {{company_krs}} - KRS
  • {{company_phone}} - phone number for your company
  • {{company_fax}} - fax number for your company
  • {{company_email}} - company email adres

If you want to supplement your companies data in Sugester, go to Settings > Account Settings > Fill out all the fields in the window ‘Company's data’.



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