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Created: 2018-05-16
Last updated: 2018-06-04

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We don't want our coworkers to see all of our e-mails. That's why each mailbox in Sugester can be marked as  'Private'.  All e-mails sent by private mailbox will be visible only for the owner of the mailbox and administrators of Sugester account.

Other users will see titles of e-mails marked with padlock icon (🔒) only, but won't be able to read the message or select preview.

To set the mailbox as 'Private', select Settings > E-mails settings > E-mail boxes. At the bottom of the page select 'Private' checkbox.

If you want the same user to have control over the chosen mailbox, just select this user in fields 'Users allowed to use this address' and 'E-mails recipients', then hit 'Save'.




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2018-06-03 20:30

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