Two-step verification in login

Created: 2018-06-19
Last updated: 2019-12-19

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By using 2-step verification you increase safety of your data even more. This feature allows to protect your account by using password and a code sent to your email address. Please remember, that this email address must be verified first.

Sugester allows to choose, what kind of login a user will have - with password only, or 2-step - with password and code.

Enabling 2-step verification

To enable 2-step verification, proceed as follows:

  • go to Edit profile

  • make sure your email address is verified. Without its verification user will not be able to enable 2-step verification (feature won't be displayed)

  • mark the Two-step verification checkbox

  • before enabling 2-step verification, make sure you have access to your email address outside of Sugester, so you could read verification code
  • hit Save

Two-step verification login process

After enabling 2-step verification, login process will look as follows:
  • in login window type in your login and password
  • after clicking Save you will see an info, that you're using 2-step verification. Sugester will send you a code on your email address
  • type in the code in Verification code. If you didn't get the code, select Send again
  • after typing in your code, you will login. If you receive a note, that code is not valid, don't copy it from the message - just type it in

Disabling 2-step verification

You can disable 2-step verification at any time. Just edit your profile, unmark Two-step verification checkbox and Save.


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