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Created: 2018-07-04
Last updated: 2018-07-04

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You can search for your clients in CRM > Clients, on the left side Advanced search. It allows you to filter search results and find a list of clients with specific parameters.

In this article you'll learn:
  • how to search with multiple conditions 
  • how to save the result of your search
  • how you can use search results in other features

Adding conditions

You can add any number of filters in your search.
Remember, that you will receive a list which contains parameters used for the search only.

Above you can see an example with search for clients:
  • who are from Warsaw
  • who are from Poland
  • who were created less than one week ago

Saving search filters

System will remember each search result, you just have to click on 'Save filter'. Thanks to this feature you will save a lot of time during next search with the same parameters. Additionally, saved filters can be used to more advanced settings or for Email campaigns.

All saved filters you can find by unfolding the arrow next to 'Search' button. Just click on chosen filter if you want to go to the search results. Lists are dynamic. It means, that if you've added new records since the last search, they will also be displayed in the search results.

Automation based on search filters

Saved filters can be also used for reccuring tasks or email campaigns.


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