Learn new features: cancel email sending, new sorting in files, default currency

Created: 2018-07-17
Last updated: 2018-07-30

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Friday again! This week, among many new features, we came up with one that can really save you sometimes:) Sugester doesn't know what 'impossible' means, so from now on you can cancel email sending. Learn more below!

1. Cancel email sending

Have it ever happened that you sent an email, which wasn't suppose to be sent? Or maybe it was sent to someone else? Or it needed to be read again, but you always click faster than you think? There are situations when you wish you can just go back in time :) Fortunately Sugester is a miracle-worker, that's why we came up with a feature that comes handy in situations described above - you can cancel email sending. To enable this feature select Settings > Email settings, mark the checkbox ' ​​After enabling this feature, during email sending you will see a small blue window Message has been sent, undo. When you click on 'Undo', you can immedietaly cancel email sending. Invaluable in crisis, isn't it :)?

2. Default currency in deals

A while ago we added currency managing in deals. You can add new deals and define their value in a chosen currency. Default currency in Sugester.com is euro. However, you can change that at any time, while saving new sales opportunity. You can also select default currency for the whole account. It's brand new! If you're using Sugester and you have your company eg. in Czechia, you can change default currency from euro to czech koruna. Then, all added deals will be saved in czech koruna's. You can select default currency in Settings > CRM settings > Deals.

3. Sorting files by date

We've heard you, when you said sorting by name in files is not enough - that's why we've added 2 more options - sorting files by oldest and newest. Now, when you eg. create a new post in your knowledge base with print screens, you don't have to look through whole folder to find one shot. Just select 'Sort by newest', and system will display all files in this order. By default it's set to sort alphabetically - you can always change that by clicking in other icon, above list of files.


4. Sorting tags by name (on clients' list)

It's not maybe a big change, but so useful! How many times did you have to go through all tags list, until you found the right one? Now it's much easier! Tags (in alphabetical order) will be displayed on clients' list, after clicking on +Add tag. It's very comfortable especially when you have a long tag list.

If you want to learn more about using tags in Sugester: https://help.sugester.com/2223238-Tagging-clients

5. Advanced search in inbox by a group

From now on, in inbox advanced search, you can sort posts by a group. If you've created groups, to whom you assign emails or tasks, you can easily find all posts assigned to particular group. Just remember, when you type in the name of group in 'Assigned group' field, next field 'Assigned to' must be left empty. Even if you forget to do so, and fill in both fields, the system will automatically erase the one, that was filled in first.

Learn more about advanced search in inbox: https://help.sugester.com/19867312-Advanced-search-in-Inbox



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