Learn new features: new possibilities in emails, more data in the client base, sharing posts with users with no privileges

Created: 2018-12-14
Last updated: 2018-12-14

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Lately we've come up with 3 new features you should know about. Learn more!

1. Transfering email addresses between To, BCC and CC fields

From now on you can copy email addresses from To, CC, BCC fields while creating emails. It makes your work much easier - if you put email address eg. in the To field instead of the CC field. Before our changes you had to delete a contact and select it again from the list, or write it down manually if it didn't exist in your contact base. Now you just have to mark the address, copy it with the right mouse button and paste it in the correct field. Quick and comfortable. Just remember to copy email address only, without the name before it or special characters like <>, ''.

Learn more here: Transfering email addresses between To, BCC and CC fields.

2. Sharing email threads with a user with no access

Sometimes you have to share a single email thread or a part of communication with a client with a person from a different department, or with privileges, that prevent him/her from seeing your correspondence. From now on you can do it, thanks to the new feature which enables sharing a link with a user and giving him/her an insight to an email and responding to it.
Just click on Share post for coworkers - you will find it by clicking on the cog icon by the right side of the post in inbox, then copy email's URL address and send it to your coworker.

Learn more: Sharing email threads with coworkers.


3. More data in the 'Last activity' field

Many of you were waiting for this feature. Until now, in the Last activity field we've displayed activities like sending/receiving emails from a client. But from now VoIP calls (outgoing/incoming will also count as activities (that is if you use our VoIP module:). Now you can easily sort activities from the oldest to the newest and the other way around. You just have to click on a column heading.

Learn more here: 'Last activity' column on clients list


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