How to send emails to multiple recipients and hide recipients' addresses?

Created: 2019-01-14
Last updated: 2019-01-14

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It happens quite often, that you want to send the same email to a few people at the same time but you want a recipient to see his/her email address only. For that you can use BCC, but it's much easier with Multiple recipients feature.

While sending emails with this feature, each email is sent separately and the recipient can see his address only. He/she also sees, that a message was sent to him/her only. You can use Multiple recipients eg. if you want to send an important info or a memo to a few clients. If you're planning a campaign or to send a newsletter, use mass mailing module for that.

Multiple recipients feature is available for all users, but at the end only an administrator or account's owner can send an email. An employee with User privilege can prepare a group email to send, but cannot send it - by default he/she doesn't have an access for that. Email sending must be confirmed by the administrator or the owner, by pressing Start sending button.

To send an email to a few people, so they cannot see other people addresses:
  • in the new email window click on Multiple recipients

  • In the Recipients field select a list of contacts to whom you want to send an email or click on Create a new one, if you want to add new recipients

  • after selecting or adding a list, fill in the email's content and title - you can also use a template prepared before

  • click on Send
  • you will be transfered to the window, where you have to confirm email sending by clicking on orange Start sending button. It's the same view like in email campaign, becacuse Multiple recipients uses the same scripts as Mass mailing.



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