Can I add the same mailbox in two different Sugester's accounts?

Created: 2019-01-22
Last updated: 2019-01-22

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The answer is - yes, in theory, but remember that the mailbox will be active in one account only (to send and receive emails). In Sugester the same mailbox can be active in one, default account, even if you've added it to other accounts. Also, you cannot add two same mailboxes in one Sugester's account

Till now, it was quite problematic to add same mailboxes, because the system was looking at the same domain and prefix, and blocked the possibility to add a duplicate. You may ask, how is it possible that your mailbox already exists at the other account? It's simple, if you did as follows:
- you create a test account, add a mailbox to get to know the system, and finally you decide to use Sugester - so you create another account and try to add the same mailbox as at the test account
- your coworkers, instead of login to your Sugester's account, by accident sign up, create a new account and try to add existing mailbox to the new account

These are the most common examples we've noticed. That's why, to make email configuration easier, we give you a tool to verify a mailbox while adding it, and at the same time disable it at the other account.

This is how it looks:
  • you have a Sugester's account that no one remembers about it and doesn't know, what was in there
  • to your new account you add a mailbox
  • on the mailboxes' list you see in red colour

  • it means that this mailbox already exists in your other Sugester's account
  • click on the mailbox, and next click on Send email verification button
  • login to your mailbox and click on the link you've received from us
  • you will see a window 'Email verified'
  • if you login again to your active account, you will notice that the mailbox isn't red anymore. It means that the mailbox was succesfully added to your current account and disabled at the old one


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