Learn new features: sorting emails by BCC or CC recipient, anonymous surveys, additional information about form's subpage, client's portal new interface

Created: 2019-04-09
Last updated: 2019-04-09

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Lately we've added some changes we are happy to tell you about. Mostly because they are the result of your suggestions :)

1. Sorting emails by BCC or CC recipient

In filters configuration a new checkbox showed up - Email recipient in CC or BCC. It means that from now on, by setting a filter for the Receiver field, it will also work if the receiver was marked in CC or BCC field. How does it work? If you've got a filter, which makes all emails send to invoices@, with 'Invoice' title to be transfered to a particular folder, then each new email with this address in CC or BCC will also go to the chosen folder. By default, checkbox will be marked.

You can learn more in the Filters section.

2. Anonymous surveys - a simple way to learn one's opinion

One of our clients needed a feature which would help him collecting anonymous feedback from his employees. He needed our forms to conduct a survey among all employees. We figured it's a great way to get an honest opinion about important stuff, and also an important upgrade to our forms - so we decided to share the new feature with all of you. From now on, if you want to receive a valuable opinion about work environment, or you want to know what your clients think about a new product - send them an anonymous survey. This way you can quickly receive answers, but without knowing who completed the survey. The system will only display a column with survey's URL address and client's/employees' answers. With this feature you can get reliable results, which perhaps will motivate you to make some changes.

Learn more: Anonymous form results

3. Additional information about form's subpage

We've expended our forms with a possibility to add categories' ID from the system. With this feature, every time your client completes a form at defined subpage on your website, he/she will be also marked with defined category in the CRM (with mapping kind: client). This feature is suppose to help you with sorting your clients. How does it work? It's simple, first you have to add categories to your clients (if you don't have them yet), then create a form and paste the script on your website. In the script fill in 'category_id' for each subpage you want to assign to a client, who fills the form. And that's it! From now on you have order and can quickly search for particular records.

Learn more: Autocompleting client's category dependent on the form's subpage

4. Client's portal new interface

For sure it's not a huge change, but you will definitely see the difference:) We just wanted the portal to be more visually accesible, that's why we've changed a little colours of buttons, font and posts. Now you can also display posts' statuses colours - if you've already set them in the system. Also, we deleted red, blue and orange notes informing about exceeded deadline (or a close one) and replaced it with a simple backlight in the Scheduled time field. We hope you will enjoy the new view:)



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