Learn new features: updated 'substitution' feature, searching for a deal by invoice number and changes in VoIP

Created: 2019-05-27
Last updated: 2019-05-27

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Not much today, but we figured you would like to know about every little change:)

1. Updated 'Substitution/holiday' feature

We hope you're using this feature each time someone from your team takes some time off. It keeps an information flow even when your abscent, nothing important is left behind and clients are pleased that they don't have to wait for you to come back. It's a cool feature which needs only one checkbox checked to have your all emails transfered to your substitute. For that we've also added recurring tasks - from now on you can decide, if you want all of your recurrings to be taken care of by a person who replaces you. A weekly report, daily statement, meeting with marketing department - if you know, that your backup person will handle those things, it's good to transfer your recurring tasks to him/her.

Learn more here: Feature: holiday/vacation replacement

2. Additional features in VoIP module

Changes will be appreciated by all of you who use our VoIP module. First of all - we've added the feature you asked us many times before. From now on you can delete a call from the VoIP list - just mark the checkbox next to a record you want to delete and click the trash can icon on the top of the list. The feature is available for account's administrators and owners only, but if you want to extend their privileges, just add a new role in the system and mark the Deleting VoIP calls checkbox.

A second change is a new pop up window for a VoIP call note, which should encourage everyone who receives calls to leave short notes to each call. A note with the most important information is an essential stage of communication, especially when you care about the quality of customer service.

3. Search for a deal by invoice number 

Finally, a quick info about the new field in the deals' module. For all of you, who uses integration with the InvoiceOcean.com - from now on you can search for deals by invoice number. Just write down the whole number or its part and the system will display the list with matching search results.

Learn more here: Search for a deal by invoice number

That's all for now, see you soon:)


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