New in Sugester - September 2016

Created: 2017-05-22
Last updated: 2017-05-23
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1. The AND / OR function in the filters

We have added a feature that will allow you to create more specific filters. Apply the function in the Sender or Title or Content fields, or in all three, to make your filter even more effective. From now on you no longer need to create several separate filters. 
You can read more about filters here .

2. Checkboxes to record the number of open emails and clicks in the link

In the settings of the mails we added two additional checkboxes - Register open mails and Register mails in emails to help you control the effectiveness of mails. We've added this feature to make it easy for you to track the delivery of your messages and the number of clicks on a link in your email. Until now, the option was only available for mass mailing. You can now also use it for single mails. You will know what happened to the email you sent to an important customer. All the information you find in the activities by entering this post. You will find out more here: and .

3. Display subprojects on the project tab

We added display subproject information in the project's main view. In addition, you can easily navigate to a specific sub-project by simply clicking on it.

4. Emailing with counting of clicks and open mails

In Sugester there is the possibility of sending mass mailing.We have added an option to display the number of clicks and the number of emails opened in the mailing. From now on you will quickly check the effectiveness of your mailing after each shipment.

More about mass-mailing you will find in our knowledge base:

5. Changelog widget

In Sugester is a new feature - a bookmark that you can add to a page or application to easily inform users about new features, regulatory changes or freshly published content. Changelog updates are automatically generated based on new knowledge base entries. Adding a Sugester Changelog widget to a page or application is easy. All you need to do is copy one line of code from your account and paste it into your page source. Sugester Changelog can also be customized according to your needs by writing your own CSS code. More information you will find here.

6. Counter posts in thread

We have added a message counter to the Sugester. As a result, we know what is the number of emails in a particular conversation.



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