How to add an email box to Sugester

Created: 2015-11-03
Last updated: 2018-12-19

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In Sugester you can send emails from your own email addresses. You can add many email addresses with different domains to your Sugester's account (eg. or To add a new email address to Sugester, do as follows.

Note: instructions below allows to send emails from Sugester only. To receive emails from your own email boxes in Sugester, you have to redirect it to It's described based on Gmail: Set up Gmail redirect to receive emails in Sugester.

A new email box you can add in Settings > Email Settings > Email boxes. Click on +New mailbox (or Edit, if you want to make changes in the existing email box):

And what does it mean?

  • E-mail - email address you want to configurate (eg.
  • Name - a name for your receiver to see (eg. John Smith |
  • Email recipients - a user who will receive emails from this email box in his/her Inbox. If you leave the field empty, emails will be in 'Unassigned' folder
  • Users allowed to send from this address - mark users allowed to send emails from this address.
  • Auto BCC emails - recipients to whom a hidden copy will be sent (only if you marked this feature in 'Email settings')
  • I want to use my own SMTP mailbox - check this box if you want to send emails with your email server (eg. 
Default - Sugester's SMTP provider.
Sendgrid - SMTP provider 
Mailgun - SMTP provider 
Emaillabs - SMTP provider
Gmail - select if you use Gmaila or Google Apps for Business
Another provider - select if you're using your own server
  • Footer - you can create a custom footer for each mailbox you set up in Sugester. Feel free to use HTML markup and Handlebars variables
  • Forwarding address - use this address if you want emails from your current email box to be forwarded to Sugester
  • Email assistant - saves your time by forwarding emails from unknown addresses to 'Unassigned' folder.
  • Autoreply - check this box to enable automatic replies for this address. After saving changes all mail sent to this address will receive an automatic reply
  • Email rating - If you enable this option, all e-mails will include a short user satisfaction survey at the end
  • Language - select language you use for writing emails. This feature is important, if you use email rating - the survey will be displayed in a language you choose here
  • Department - if you choose a department, all emails sent to this address will be assigned to a chosen department. It means that only people with access to the department will see emails
  • Project - select a project to which emails will be assigned. It's especially important if you want new messages sent to this address appear in a separate folder in the left-hand inbox menu
  • Client - if you select a client, all emails sent to this address will be automatically assigned to a client from your database. 
  • Task kind - select, if you want incoming emails to be considered by the system as emails (default), error report, or tasks to resolve
  • Private mailbox - mark this box if you want this mailbox to be private. It means that only owner and administrators will be able to see messages sent to and from this mailbox.
  • Active - unmark this checkbox if you don't want to use this email box anymore, but you prefer not to delete it.


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