Mark as read/automatic email archiving

Created: 2018-04-16
Last updated: 2018-04-16

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It is a common occurrence that you find yourself flooded with emails, which you do not actually have to read, and their growing number turns your inbox into chaos. We are naturally talking about system notifications that inform you about actions that your client has undertaken, for example, payments for the purchase of your product or that they have received/picked up a parcel that was dispatched by you. Marking such emails as spam is not an option, because having them at hand is actually important, however using the option Mark as read/archive, you can set a filter that will archive all posts that fulfill a given condition. Archived emails will go to the Closed folder in your inbox, and you will not have to spend any time manually marking them as read. 

To create such a filter, navigate to Settings > Automation > Macros and Filters > Add Filter and select Universal as the Type. You can find more about creating filters in the article: Filters - Assign to user; to folder; to project; to department. Change into an assignment

If you enter more than one email address in the Sender field, remember the check the box Use conjunctions.



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