Learn new features: checking your account's limits and additional variables in footers/document templates

Created: 2018-07-30
Last updated: 2018-07-30

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We have two new features this week - we've added account's limits in settings and another variables useful in footers and documents templates. Learn more!

1. Check your account's limits

It's about a plan you're using and its limits. It doesn't matter, if you're using free or paid plan, each one of them has some limits that you should know about. You select a plan (with its limits) adjusted to your needs. In time, when your company grows bigger (along with your needs) you can upgrade your limits by selecting another plan. To make sure, that your current plan is good enough for you, we've added possibility to check your own limits in Settings > Account settings.

By clicking on Check your accounts limits you can see eg. how many emails you can send this month or how many new employees you can add to Sugester. Until today only we could check that for you, but from now on we're sharing this possibility with you:)

If you look into your account's limits and see, that one of them is marked with yellow color, it means that you've used 80% of your limits. If limits are marked with red color, you can consider changing your plan, because you've just exceeded your limit.

You can compare plans and limits here: https://sugester.com/pricing.


2. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin in your company's data

A while ago we enabled you to input your company's data to Sugester and use them for footers or documents templates. It allows you to save some time, and your email footer or an offer looks much more professional. If you want to have perfect footer/template, you just have to: That's it! From now on whilst creating an offer/agreement or sending an email the system will 'take' data from this fields, which variables you used in a template. And what's new in here? Now you can also add links to social media, like Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram.

If you haven't fill in your company's data yet, and you feel that you want to, check out this article: https://help.sugester.com/19290489-Your-company-data-in-Sugester.


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