Email box verification

Created: 2018-09-07
Last updated: 2019-07-01

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In Sugester, email boxes outside of domain have to be verified. You do that to make your account and emails safer.

Email box verification

After adding an email box to the system, you will see a red exclamation mark which informs, that this email box hasn't been verified yet. 
To receive a link for verification, you can click on Send email verification button from few levels:
  • in email boxes list (Settings > Email settings > Email boxes)

  • in email box settings:

  • when you send email from unverified email box

After clicking in the link you will be transfered to the view with an info about successful verification. You don't have to login again.

When you edit email box address you should also verify it (unless it's based on Sugester's domain). We will send an email with request to verify your email box.

Sending emails from unverified email boxes

If you send emails from unverified email boxes, there's a limit of sent emails. The limit is 100 emails for the whole account.
 After sending one email you will have 99 emails left to send from unverified email box. The limit counts also in email marketing.

Exceeding limits

If you exceed the limit, you won't be able to send more emails. You will also receive a note with request to verify your email box

If the limit will be exceeded during email campaign sending, you will see this note as an error, and mass mailing will be blocked. For exmple, if you have 50 emails left from the limit and your campaign has 100 emails, system will send 50 emails from unverified email box, and the rest will be marked as error.


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