Suspending a user in the system

Created: 2017-05-11
Last updated: 2019-12-16

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Should a situation arise in which you have to lay off an employee, you will not have to delete them entirely from the system to denied them access to their account and your company data. 

It will be sufficient if you just block their Sugester's profiles. This feature prevents former employees from login into the system, but does not remove them from the users list. A blocked user will be displayed on the list in red. What is more essential is the fact, that information regarding with whom the former employee was in touch and their emails will still be available. 

To activate the blockade for a given user, navigate to Settings > Users. In the chosen User's edit just mark the checkbox Block account and hit save. The blockade is effective immediately. 

Note! Remember that you still have to pay for each user in your account, even if he/she is blocked. If you don't want to pay for such users, then you should delete them from the system. If you decide to do so, then you can easily assign deleted user's data to another person: Deleting a user.


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