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Created: 2015-07-01
Last updated: 2022-02-18
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Configuring e-mail in Sugester

In this help article you will find an overview of all the key questions related to configuring, sending and managing e-mail using Sugester.

  • Gmail redirect

    Learn how to set up e-mail redirection from Google's free e-mail service Go to article

  • Redirect with MX records

    Changing your MX records to point to Sugester is the best option for redirection if you have access to your own e-mail server. Go to article

  • Send e-mail from your own address using Sugester

    Learn how to add your own e-mail address as an outgoing address in Sugester. Go to article

  • Better outgoing e-mail from your own address

    How to configure your e-mail server so that you can send e-mail from Sugester using your own address. Go to article

  • Assigning e-mails to team members

    Co-operation is the key to success - make sure every question gets answered by the right person. Go to article

  • Changing e-mail statuses

    Statuses help you keep informed about how are things moving along. Go to article

  • Inviting new team members

    It's always great when your team expands - here's how to make sure it goes smoothly: Go to article

  • Creating a custom e-mail footer

    The e-mail footer is a minor, but important part of professional communication. Go to article

  • How to control e-mail response times

    Make sure your customers get answers in good time. Go to article


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