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Created: 2019-06-19
Last updated: 2019-06-19

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In Sugester we pay a lot of attention to your safety. That's why, when you create an account, you will receive two emails - one with an information about creating the account, and the second one reminding you to verify your email box, which you used to sign up.
If your account was created a while ago, but your mailbox authenticity wasn't confirmed yet, you can verify it at any time (learn more in the article Email box verification).

Mailbox verification is extremely important - it disable unauthorized people from sending emails from your address. That's why from unverified mailbox you can only send 100 emails.

It's also important to verify user's email address - everyone who uses Sugester account should do that in profile's edit: Email confirmation. With verification we know that you are who you say you are, and no one impersonates you.

Notification address

You can use notification address to send important data outside Sugester's account. This address should be also confirmed, because it may be different from user's email address. Eg. if you're a programmer and need to be ready in case the system breaks down, you can receive a notification to your private email address.

Confirming a notification email

To confirm your notification email, first of all you need to verify your email address. Next, add a notification email and save the changes. Then go back to your profile's edit - you will see a note to remind you about notification address confirmation.

After clicking on Confirm email you'll receive an email with the verification link:

After correct verification you will no longer see an orange circle next to your login:



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