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Created: 2018-08-02
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Users are people, who get the access to your data in CRM. In Sugester you can add as many users as you want, give them privileges (more about privileges you can learn here: User privileges and Roles for users), add their contacts or pictures.

To go to users' settings, select Settings > Users.

Click on user's login, whose profile you'd like to see. You will a window like the one below:

W profilu użytkownika możesz dokonać następujących zmian: In user's profile you can change following information:

1. login, email address, name and last name, phone number, describtion, photo, website

  • login - note that for login you can use name/last name, email address or whatever else you want

2. user's privileges, access to departments, enabling notifications, holiday/substitution

  • email notifications about changes - feature for users with feedback, if they should receive email notifications about new suggestions/comments
  • notifications - mark this feature if you want a user to receive notifications about new email/task. Notifications are also sent when someone add a new comment to a task or resolve it. After marking this checkbox you will see two new fields, where you can type notification email and phone number.
  • privileges - each user should have some privileges which give them access to the system's data
  • default mailbox - select user's default email address 
  • departments - here you can give a user an access to data in particular departments. If you also want a user to have access to data with no department, remember to mark the checkbox 'no department'
  • substitution/holidays - mark if a user is on a leave (learn more:
  • mark - mark user with a symbol
  • partner program - learn more: 

3. access to email boxes, projects, and email templates (unfold More to have access to this settings)

4. block account - jeśli zaznaczysz ten checkbox użytkownik nie będzie mógł się już zalogować do Twojego CRMu, ale wszystkie zadania, maile, klienci będą nadal do niego przypisani, w systemie nadal będą dostępne informacje z kim były pracownik prowadził korespondencję i jakie maile wysyłał. if you mark this checkbox, a user won't be able to login, but all his/her tasks, emails, clients will be assigned to him/her and in the system there will be an info about user's conversations.

5. password change - here you can change current password.



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